Biological package GOLD

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  • Due to the need to create suitable conditions for teaching, we have prepared, in cooperation with specialists, a comprehensive offer of equipment for the school biological laboratory, which enables the realization of the prerequisites of modern education.
  • The Gold Package contains the widest range of equipment designed for the biological laboratory:
    5 x TS17926 Hand magnifier with LED backlight
    3 x TY1150 Small transparent magnifiers
    3 x IV1740 Observation Containers
    3 x QH0056 Concave and convex spherical lenses
    1 x TS3000 Binoculars 10 x 25
    1 x LV0001 small 8 x 21. zoom binoculars
    1 x EI0780 Telescope
    1 x MX0044 Microscope USB 40x-
    x1 MX50x01 x 400x accessories
    1x MX0020 Binocular microscope 20x
    1 x MX1925 Zoology. Microscope slides
    1 x MX2925 Botany. Microscopic preparations
    1 x MX0009 Human Anatomy. Biological preparations
    1 x CO4910 Healthy Human Tissues - Part I
    1 x CO4915 Human tissues with pathogenic changes
    1 x UK0010 Mammalian tissues. A set of microscopic slides
    1 x UK0017 Mushrooms. Set of microscope slides
    1 x NS6080 Soil Experiment Kit
    2 x QH0059 Net with rod
    1 x RV3087 Secchi Disc. Measuring water purity
    1 x BD5302 Human skeleton 170 cm. Model
    1 x HG0041 Skull - anatomical model
    1 x VO6178 Heart. Demonstration model
    1 x AM1414 Brain. Anatomical model
    1 x VO6192 Eye. Demonstration model
    1 x VO6376 ear. Large demonstration model
    1 x VO5456 Oral hygiene model
    1 x QH0020 Nerve Cell. Cross section
    1 x RV3132 Skin model. Rust
    1 x QH0015 Liver with pancreas - anatomical model
    1 x QH0047 Human stomach
    1 x QH0014 Unisex Urinary System
    1 x QH0048 Human Muscular System. Model
    1 x QH0041 Adenovirus. Virus model
    1 x QH0042 Bacteriophage. Virus model
    1 x QH0043 AIDS/HIV - virus model
    1 x QH0044 RNA Tobacco Mosaic. Virus model
    1 x RV4013 Comparative DNA structure model
    1 x NS1364 Man and his anatomy. Magnetic board
    1 x QH0006 Slippers. Demonstration model
    1 x HG0015 Rabbit. Sunken skeleton
    1 x HG0013 Fish. Sunken skeleton
    1 x HG0014 Toad. Sunken skeleton
    1 x HG0010 Pigeon. Sunken skeleton
    1 x HG0016 Turtle. A submerged skeleton
    1 x RV3006 Pigeon. Skeleton
    1 x RV3016 Frog Skeleton
    1 x RV3017 Lizard Skeleton
    1 x HG0017 Rabbit. 1 x RV3009 Fish Skeleton Frame
    1 x RV4018 Flower. Demonstration model
    1 x RV4007 Sheet structure
    1 x QH0009 Monocot stem model
    1 x QH0010 Dicot plant stem model
    1 x QH0045 Cereal model
    1 x QH0007 Chloroplast. Demonstration model
    1 x QH0004 Animal Cell Model. Cross-section
    1 x QH0012 Plant cell model. Cross section
    1 x HG0064 Bean Life Cycle
    1 x NV8070 Botanical Experiment Kit
    1 x HG0046 Grasshopper Life Cycle. Model
    1 x ID0110 Dangerous animals and plants in Poland. Plate
    1 x VS0042 Lichens - Lichen structure and scale. Plate
    1 x VS0004 Human Senses. Plate
    1 x VS0001 Flower structure, pollination, fertilization (angiosperms)
    1 x VS0002 Structure and types of roots
    1 x VS0010 Water cycle in nature
    1 x VS0015 Clouds and their types. Plate
    1 x VS0003 Pregnancy, development of the human fetus
    1 x VS0005 Human Skeleton. Plate
    1 x NS8284 Mammals and Birds. Poster
    1 x NS8285 Animals in the garden. Poster
    1 x NS8286 Trees. Poster
    1 x NS8287 Mushrooms. Poster.
    1 x NS8280 Ground. Poster
    1 x MO0061 My First Guide. What kind of tree is that?
    1 x MO0066 My First Guide. What kind of bird is that?
    1 x MO0069 My First Guide. What kind of insect is this?
    1 x MO0036 Encounter with nature. Minerals, precious stones, rocks
    1 x MO3405 Plant and Animal Guide
    1 x MO0062 Encounter with nature. Insect
    1 x MO4799 My First Guide What's This Animal?
    1 x MO0075 My First Guide. What is this mushroom?
    1 x MO0083 My First Guide What is this flower?
    1 x MO0068 My First Guide. What kind of butterfly is that?
    1 x EI0012 Solar Grasshopper
    1 x TG0084 noise level meter
    1 x EI0055 Water filtration
    1 x CS6003 Underground Explorer. Small laboratory
    3 x CD7217 Waterproof zoom flashlight